"'Own Your Own World' ... quite a slogan."

Prefer the desktop version, with better audio support.

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(34 total ratings)
AuthorsPolydash, Theodull
Made withUnity


Worldcraft_Desktop.zip 19 MB


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That was an enjoyable couple minutes.  I'd love 25+ levels and more to do with the created system after completing the level, but... really, quite nice.

this is so cute ?????


Very lovely puzzle game.  Well done The way that the new mechanics are taught is very well done there is no words yet you understand the game. Good luck on your future projects!


This is a very high quality game, it's crazy you're offering it for free, and not just as a demo for a steam game. 

I love the simplicity. It's a unique concept I haven't seen before, and somehow intuitive enough to not need a tutorial. I think the sounds and graphics make it worthwhile to invest the effort to work out the rules.

It reminds me of mini metro the way it slowly zooms out as you complete more of the level. Although sometimes the new nodes spawn very far offscreen and you can only slightly see them. 

Are you still developing this? Or have plans to put this on steam?


Thank you for your kind words, it's really heartwarming :)

Unfortunately, it's a game jam project that is not developed further.

But should it change in the future, we'll let you know!


Simple, clean, and cute! It was an enjoyable short experience.


I like the game, though I won't claim to understand it...


I think the rules are:

- Connect source nodes to the spinning nodes to power them

- Power lines cannot cross

- If a source node is going to become overloaded, the little heart in the centre starts pumping - you need to disconnect something or it will die

- Stripy lines allow you to move nodes. 

- You unlock more nodes when everything is successfully connected and stable


i love how when you hit destroy the game just exits <3


That was delightful! I can see that it has potential for much more content, I bet that if you made many more levels and introduced a couple new features you could even sell it on steam for a few bucks.


I really liked the game! It's delicious. The only problem is that it hasn't another levels. If you make more levels, or even beter, if you can make it endless and continuous with computer generated worlds, i can play it hours and hours :)


Sorry for Japanese! I am excited!
It is a quite simple idea but I definitely understand it is enjoyable. Thank you!